Micro-Measurements Introduces CHA Series for Humidity-Exposure Applications

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New stress analysis strain gage sensors with enhanced encapsulation offer improved protection from humidity


MALVERN, PA, USA  |  17-March-2020 — The Micro-Measurements® brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) (www.micro-measurements.com), today introduced the CHA Series – humidity resistant strain gage sensors.  Micro-Measurements is a worldwide industry leader in the field of stress analysis using resistive-foil sensors for high-precision strain, high-stress and force mechanism measurements.


The new CHA Series humidity resistant strain gages are the latest addition to the company’s CEA Series strain gages, which are among the most popular of Micro-Measurements’ offering of strain gages. The CHA Series offers better humidity performance compared with the CEA family, making it the ideal choice for the most demanding applications such as humidity conditioned composite materials. Built to improve performance under ASTM-5229 “Standard Test Method Absorption Properties and Equilibrium Conditioning of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials” test conditions, the CHA Series strain gages are currently available in several uniaxial, tee rosette, and rectangular rosette configurations.


CHA features and benefits are:

  • Cast polyimide backing for flexibility and toughness
  • Larger integral copper coated tabs for easier leadwire connection
  • Protective encapsulation film with enhanced moisture protection for the most demanding applications
  • Strain range: ±3% for all gage lengths, 5% for gage lengths of 0.250 inch or greater
  • Fatigue life: ±1500 microstrain for 10^6 cycles
  • Temperature range: –100° to +350°F (–75° to +175°C)


Further information about Micro-Measurements® strain gages and technical support is available at https://micro-measurements.com/cha-series.
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Micro-Measurements, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of resistive-foil sensors for high-precision strain measurement. Micro-Measurements offers a full complement of strain gages, PhotoStress® equipment and coatings, data acquisition systems, and supplies necessary to obtain accurate, reliable stress data. Our products are used throughout the industrialized world — both in the practice of stress measurements analysis and as the sensing elements in a wide variety of transducers for measuring physical variables (weight, force, torque, pressure, etc.). More information about Micro-Measurements is available at www.micro-measurements.com.


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