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Strain Gage Linear Patterns (Uniaxial Stress) 

The gage pattern refers cumulatively to the shape of the grid, the number and orientation of the grids in a multiple-grid gage, the solder tab configuration, and various construction features which are standard for a particular pattern.


The linear pattern strain gages are used to measure strain in a single direction. Linear Pattern strain gauge sensors are used for both general use application: Fatigue Testing , Concrete Testing, Crack Propagation, Dog Bone testing

Stress Analysis Linear Pattern Strain Gages features:

  • Gage patterns designed for measuring strain in a single direction
  • Resistance value
  • Single-grid and parallel dual-grid patterns
  • Gage lengths from 0.0008" (0.20 mm) to 4.000" (101.6 mm)
  • Self-Temperature Compensation (S-T-C)
  • Operating temperature ranges from –452° to +750°F [–269° to +400°C]


Transducer-Class® Linear Patterns Strain Gages with Advanced Sensors Technology

Linear patterns are typically used in S-Beam, Binocular, Reverse Bending and Dual Beam load cell and pressure transducer designs. The grid size can be matched to the peak strain portion of the T-Section to maximize output. They are available in single linear or dual linear configurations to allow for gaging one side or both sides of the spring element. ( Force, Weight, Torque, Pressure, Strain)



Advanced Sensors Technolgy is developing the tools of the future!


Micro-Measurements Announces Successful Integration of Advanced Sensors Technology into linear pattern strain gage sensors for Industry best-in-class design and performance characteristics. Advanced Sensors Technology applies tangible specification and manufacturing process improvements, along with industry-exclusive strain gage sensor design techniques, for direct customer benefit. The innovation behind Advanced Sensors Technology reflects many decades of Micro-Measurements R&D experience, gained across a global portfolio of thousands of successful applications, with other refinements achieved via ongoing customer feedback.



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