Strain Gage Calculators

Micro-Measurements’ is dedicated to superior product design, which means we are also dedicated to providing the tools for successful use of our strain gages. Our strain gages are used in the aerospace industry, the automation industry, the medical field, and beyond. We want engineers in those industries to have the proper tools for optimum strain gage performance, calibration, error correction, and data conversion. That’s why train gage-related mathematical equations are provided throughout our technical literature. Additionally, we have created the following strain gage calculators which provide easy-to-use reference for common questions related to strain gage performance. 


The Micro-Measurements’ calculators, created for effective use of our strain gages, include calculations for all of the following: 
●    Bridge Output 
●    Gage Excitation
●    Shunt Calibration 
●    Strain Gage Rosettes
●    Thermal Expansion
●    Transducer Outputs 
●    Transverse Sensitivity 
●    Wheatstone Bridge Nonlinearity 


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