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What Is StrainBond?

VPG StrainBond™ is a comprehensive solution merging capabilities from several business units within VPG, a global leader in stress and strain measurement.


StrainBond™ is a unique service offered by Micro-Measurements. Our decades of technical expertise with photoelastic coatings and two-dimensional models enable visualization of actual strain patterns and gradients in structures. This offers tremendous time-saving and cost-effective benefits when choosing strain gage locations, gage size and optimal pattern.

The StrainBond™ technology also reveals the kind of structural modifications that can be made to optimize performance, either as a transducer or as a structural member. Areas of excess material or stress concentrations are often easily seen using the StrainBond™ photoelastic technique.

Micro-Measurements Bonding Service 

The StrainBond™ solution has been successfully employed for a variety of markets, on diverse applications such as exercise equipment, medical products, commercial aircraft, and aerospace missiles.


Most of the StrainBond™ process is completed in-house to ensure quality from start to finish: specifying the raw materials, strain gages and gage patterns; designing and machining the sensors; installing the gages; and calibrating and sealing the final products. As part of our comprehensive solution, unique strain gage patterns can be designed to suit applications where standard gages are not capable of delivering the required performance.


Micro-Measurements is recognized globally for its knowledge, expertise and capabilities to obtain accurate, reliable stress data. It offers a full complement of sensors, strain gages and PhotoStress® technology, equipment and coatings. [Learn more]


Come to understand about the two most widely used techniques for experimental stress analysis and transducer design.

Discover more about the hundreds of custom strain gage sensors for both stress analysis applications as well as transducers produced by Micro-Measurements.

See how the comprehensive StrainBondTM solution has helped in sensor design, straingage assembly, and full sensor compensation, calibration and testing.

Explore our extensive collection of tutorials and informational videos on a variety of strain measurement topics.

Unlock a wealth of knowledge, from calculators to technical documents, to help you manage our strain gage and PhotoStress® products.

Questions and answers on the go! Listen to Micro-Measurements experts explain the many facets of strain gage technology.

Benefit from an extensive series of regularly scheduled, hands-on technical workshops and short courses.