Stress Analysis Strain Gages (Gauges)

Structures can, and do, break. It’s critical to determine whether a particular object made from a particular material can carry a particular load. If a true stress is ignored, the cost of not acting is usually far higher than the cost of dealing with the problem earlier.  Micro-Measurements’ complete portfolio of high-performance Stress Analysis Strain Gages deliver strain data you can count on and help you find practical solutions to prevent potentially catastrophic events.


Strain Data You Can Count On

Stress analysis is charged with the responsibility of finding practical solutions to practical problems. That’s a tough assignment because the solutions must satisfy the legal, financial, marketing, manufacturing and other related demands, as well as the technical aspects of the problem. And in many cases these technical aspects are difficult enough all by themselves.  

Analytical and experimental stress analysis engages to find a workable solution. Stress analyst push forward to find a workable, economically viable solution. Here at Micro-Measurements we provide knowledge, advice and precision products.

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Micro-Measurements’ Linear Pattern Strain Gages are specially designed for measuring strain in a single direction. They are available in both single and parallel dual grid patterns and in lengths ranging from 0.0008” (.20 mm) to 4.000” (101.6 mm).


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Micro-Measurements' Shear/Torque Rossette Strain Gages are uniquely designed for measuring shear strain and torque. They are available in both single and multiple grid patterns and in lengths ranging from 0.062” (1.57 mm) to 0.250” (6.35 mm).


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Micro-Measurements' 3 Element Rosette Strain Gages are specifically designed for determining principle stresses and strains. All patterns have three grids, oriented at 0°, 45°, and 90° angles. They are available in both stacked and planar constructions and in lengths ranging from: 0.031" (0.79 mm) to 0.250" (6.35 mm).


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Micro-Measurements Tee Rosette Strain Gages are especially designed for measuring orthogonal strains. All patterns have two grids oriented at 0° and 90° angles. They are available in both stacked and planar construction and in lengths ranging from 0.050” (1.27 mm) to 0.250” (6.35 mm).


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