Signal Conditioning Amplifiers

When signals are produced by dynamically applied loads at frequencies above 0.1 Hz, or are transients, measuring instrumentation requires adequate frequency response and a wide amplifier gain range for output to the appropriate recording or display device. Such an instrument consists of an amplifier and signal conditioner with a built-in or shared power supply. Individual units are normally required for each channel when simultaneous recording or multiple channels are needed. Micro-Measurements offers three products with proven high performance and low noise in applications including impact tests, rocket motors, explosive events and engine monitoring.


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      2100   2200   2300

Frequency Response

    DC 50 kHz (–3 dB)   DC 50 kHz (–0.5 dB)
DC 100 kHz (–3 dB)
  DC 60 kHz ( –0.5 dB) 
DC 145 kHz (–3 dB)

Output (±)

    10V @ 100mA   10V @ 10mA and 
1 VRMS @ 10mA
Amplifier Gain     Continuously Variable 
1 – 2100
  Continuously Variable 1 – 3300   Continuously Variable 
1 – 11,000

Bridge Excitation

    DC: 0.5-12V   DC: 0.5-15V or 
0.5-30 mA
  DC: 0.7-15V (11 steps) 0.2-7V Variable

Input Power

    AC   AC   AC


    High Performance Amplifier for Simultaneous Dynamic Recording   High Performance, for Demanding Environments   High-Frequency Response Multi-Feature Signal Conditioner




2100 is a high performance but simple amplifier. Up to 10 channels in a rack share a common power supply. Setup is simple and intuitive, with front-panel manual controls for bridge excitation, user-definable shunt calibration, and a gain multiplier and Vernier adjustment from 1 to 2100.



2200 offers individual power supplies for improved channel-to-channel separation. It offers a wider gain range, high frequency response, automatic balance control and constant voltage or current excitation. It is ideal for harsh environment measurements, with a common-mode input of up to +/-350 volts, and a driven-guard shield connection for improved environmental noise rejection over conventional ground shield connection systems.


2300 is the choice for impact and other high-speed transient events such as split Hopkinson bar and explosive tests. Separate power supplies per channel, very high frequency response and ultra-wide gain and automatic balance, 4-step user-definable shunt calibration, user-definable filters as well as switchable AC coupling make this a versatile and high-performance amplifier.




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