Innovation in Healthcare

The creation of medical and pharmaceutical devices, like any other engineering process, requires both design evaluation and force measurement. Professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical fields rely on Micro-Measurements strain gages for innovation in force measurement.


Force Measurement for Prosthetics, Surgical Devices, and More

For example:

  • Pressure measurements have been used for decades in infusion pumps to support patient safety
  • Precise force measurement optimizes prosthetics used for joint replacement, allowing for optimum accuracy and patient outcome. Force feedback in prosthetics facilitates real-time optimization to everyday changes in use, including standing still, negotiating stairs, and running
  • In vivo force measurements have successfully been used for monitoring suture force during mitral valve repairs in human hearts

Our decades of experience in advanced strain gage technology and force measurement allow healthcare professionals to apply innovative technologies to patient care. Our strain gages are can be found in all of the following  medical devices:


  • Prosthetics
  • Robotic surgical devices
  • Fluid dispensing systems
  • Surgical instruments
  • Rehabilitation equipment
  • Medical beds


In short, our expertise in force measurement leads to medical and pharmaceutical solutions that improve the lives of patients.



Medical design engineers rely on force measurement and feedback for better production efficiency and quality control in the creation of noninvasive sensing, medical pumps, and medical scales. Our metal foil strain gages supply a medical robot with sense of touch for better accuracy when handling delicate materials.


Our strain gages are successfully used in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories for an assortment of testing and inspection methods. Our gages efficiently acquire the crucial data needed for practical methods or material selection and qualification.


Micro-Measurements boasts a highly skilled technical, manufacturing, and support staff, allowing us to meet the stringent requirements of the medical equipment industry. Among other applications, our strain gages monitor weight while patients are bedridden and PICC line pressure inside infusion pumps


Micro-Measurements strain gages can be found in several stages of the pharmaceutical industry, from measurement to monitoring and control of research and production processes.


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