Advanced Sensors Technology: Cutting-Edge Refinement

Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, has launched a series of products built using its Advanced Sensors strain gage technology.


Addressing the growing demand for force and strain sensors needed to manufacture precision transducers and for stress analysis test and measurements, Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors strain gages offer a tighter resistance tolerance, improved gage-to-gage repeatability, and better stability than standard strain gages while their advanced fabrication process helps to significantly reduce lead times.


Key Advantages of Advanced Sensors Technology

As the foundation of consistently reliable and precise transducers, Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors strain gages are built on a new manufacturing process using state-of-the-art equipment and tooling. This results in tighter tolerance products with shorter manufacturing lead times as compared to conventional manufacturing techniques.

Advanced Sensors Technology was shaped by decades of in-house expert knowledge, experience gained across our global portfolio of successful applications, and sustained attention to customer feedback.

Today customers across the world benefit from Advanced Sensors Technology in experimental stress analysis and as the sensing elements in a wide variety of transducers. This technology guarantees precise measurement of physical variables, including weight, force, torque, pressure and more.

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Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors Strain Gages Ensure:

  • tighter resistance tolerance

  • improved gage-to-gage repeatability

  • better stability than standard strain gages

  • significantly reduced lead times


The Micro-Measurements’ Advanced Sensors Technology product portfolio includes:

  • Linear gages

  • Shear gages

  • Circular gages


All gages are arranged as individual, half-bridge and full-bridge configurations-- in ranges from 350 Ω to 20 kΩ, with added flexibility in mounting options. The technology advances grid-to-grid tolerances and matching, enabling improved strain and force sensor performance.


In the case of full-bridge gage configurations, all intra-bridge connections are integrated directly into the pattern. This eliminates the need for traditional intra-bridge soldering. Our unique addition of gold-plated solder pads improves solder-joint reliability and reduces the risks of solder pad oxidation prior to lead wire attachment.


Advanced Sensors Technology safeguards close matching of grid-to-grid thermal characteristics and bridge circuit thermal output cancellation specifications--- two essential steps in accurately measuring strain.

Advanced Sensors and Stress Analysis 

This collection of Advanced Sensors Technology are specifically designed for stress analysis applications. Exclusive features include:

  • Linear Pattern Gage patterns designed for measuring strain in a single direction

  • Single-grid and parallel dual-grid patterns
  • Shear/Torque Rosettes Gage patterns designed for measuring shear strain and torque
  • Rectangular Rosette Gage patterns designed for determining principle stresses and strains

Advanced Sensors and Transducer Applications

Micro-Measurements’ Transducer Class Strain Gages with Advanced Sensors Technology are designed specifically for high-volume, OEM transducer applications. 


Exclusive features include:


  • Excellent Gage-to-Gage and Grid-to-Grid matching, to allow for more uniform gage performance at temperature
  • Tighter resistance tolerances - down to +/-0.1% even in high resistance gage patterns - to enable simpler balance of the Wheatstone bridge circuitry
  •  High resistance patterns - offered in Linear, Shear, T-Patterns and Full-Bridge configurations - with up to 20Khom resistance values.
  • Gold plated solder tabs (on Karma foil patterns) and Epoxy Encapsulation for active grid protection offered as standard features.

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