Strain Gages and DAQ Systems in Space

Our strain gauge sensors and DAQ systems enable aviation, military, and space programs to measure aerodynamic forces, test rocket engine thrust, and much more.


Strain Gage Sensors and DAQ Systems in Space

Measuring Aerodynamic Forces, Aircraft Wing Fatigue, and More

Micro-Measurements provides premier aviation, military, and space solutions. For decades, our strain gages sensors, DAQ systems, and related accessories have been a vital and trusted resource for aerospace engineers. In rocket engines, jet engines, and other aerospace and defense applications, our strain gage products can enable all of the following:

  • Accurate measurement of aerodynamic forces
  • Tests of aircraft wing fatigue
  • Evaluation of material properties
  • Component and sub-assembly tests
  • In-flight testing and predictive maintenance
  • Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)
  • Flight-critical systems
  • High frequency / energy tests

Though they are now used in hundreds of applications, the creation of foil strain gages was a revolution driven directly from a UK aircraft manufacturer. Today, Micro-Measurements strain gage sensors and DAQ systems measure aerodynamic forces and provide stress analysis for aerospace programs around the world. Our strain gages have even flown successful missions from the Earth's atmosphere to the far reaches of outer space.


Micro-Measurements strain gage sensors can survive and thrive in harsh environments — including deep space — and are supported by our in-house technical expertise and one-stop-shop product range.





Explore aerospace and aviation applications for Micro-Measurements strain gages and DAQ systems. Detailed strain measurements help engineers refine the structural strength, design, and performance of every aircraft, from space shuttles to satellites.


Defense systems rely on our strain gage sensors for use in a broad range of applications, including robotic control, submarines, water and air system analysis, military satellites and launch systems, proof-of-concept testing, aircraft cargo loading, propulsion systems, missile thrust structure, and more.


Our strain gages are the premium tool for measuring aerodynamic forces, providing performance data on proposed jet engine mechanisms, and enabling adjustments to optimize jet engine design.


Micro-Measurements strain gage sensors and DAQ systems improve the performance of rocket engines and help identify the root cause of failures. Engineers rely on our products to determine scope of movement, stress distribution, and cause and impact of structural faults.


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