HS Linear Displacement Transducers

Micro-Measurements Linear Displacement Sensors use a fully active 350-ohm strain-gage bridge to sense spindle displacement, giving infinite resolution and excellent linearity. They are compatible with all standard strain-gage instrumentation with bridge excitation from 2 to 10 volts. With a selection of models having full-scale ranges from 5mm (0.2 in) to 100mm (4 in), Linear Displacement Sensors feature a unique design that produces maximum operating forces of less than 4N (0.9 lb). Available with specially designed mounting fixtures, these versatile sensors are ideally suited for use in research, manufacturing and process control applications.



  • Infinite resolution
  • True output linearity over the entire measurement range
  • Low operating forces
  • Excellent stability and temperature compensation

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Micro-Measurements Linear Displacement Sensors produce an output voltage proportional to a captive, guided spindle displacement by means of a 350-ohm strain gage bridge with four active arms. This arrangement provides excellent temperature compensation and linearity. 



Micro-Measurements Linear Displacement Sensors exhibit the same inherent advantages for linearity, versatility and precision as many other strain-gage-based sensors. As such, they are systems-compatible with a wide range of commonly used sensors for pressure, load, acceleration, vibration, etc. and normally utilize the same instrumentation.


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