Micro-Measurements Releases Advanced Sensors Technology CEA and EA; Good News for Strain Gage Users

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MALVERN, PA – July 13, 2020 – Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) brand, today announced the successful integration of Advanced Sensors Technology in its new CEA-Series and EA-Series strain gages.  Designed for general purpose, static and dynamic stress analysis, the new CEA and EA strain gage sensors are ideally suited for a broad range of applications including structural health monitoring, autonomous vehicles, aviation, robotics & automation, smart load cells, and condition monitoring.


The new Micro-Measurements’ CEA-Series universal strain gages builds on approximately 70 years of proven usage and the installation of hundreds of thousands of field-tested devices.  Offering a constantan grid completely encapsulated in polyimide, with large, rugged copper-coated tabs, these CEA’s provide for ease of application, reduced installation time, high reliability, low total cost of installation. Constructed with constantan foil in combination with a tough, flexible, polyimide backing, the EA-series is available in a wide range of options available including strain range from  ±3% for gage lengths under 1/8 in (3.2 mm) and  ±5% for 1/8 in and over.


Built with Advanced Sensors Technology, a revolutionary enhancement in strain gauge manufacturing, the CEA-Series and EA-Series are manufactured with tighter tolerances and improved gauge-to-gauge consistency.  Advanced Sensors Technology applies tangible specification and manufacturing process improvements, along with industry-exclusive strain gage sensor design techniques, for direct customer benefit. The innovation behind Advanced Sensors Technology reflects many decades of Micro‑Measurements R&D experience, gained across a global portfolio of thousands of successful applications, with other refinements achieved via ongoing customer feedback. 


For general-purpose stress analysis applications, the new series of strain gages are a drop-in replacement for traditional CEA and EA strain gages, and are available for purchase through the Micro‑Measurements on-line shop: https://shop.micro-measurements.com.


Ron Zukerman, Sr. Manager of Sales & Marketing for Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors, said: “In today’s demanding world of product and structural design, the use of technically superior strain gages can provide significant advantages to the engineering development process, and offer improvements in material savings, weight, reduction, failure prevention, and shortened design-to-development time.  Payoffs like these can make a difference in bottom-line profitability for companies that deploy Experimental Stress Analysis (ESA) in their engineering process.”


For more information about the CEA-Series and EA-Series and Micro-Measurements’ other strain gages, as well as technical support, see us at www.micro-measurements.com, or follow Micro‑Measurements at www.strainblog.com or on twitter @strain_gage.


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