Advanced Sensors Technology C4A Series Strain Gages Enabling Easy, No-Solder Installation

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MALVERN, Pa. — July 28, 2020 — Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, today announced the expansion of its C4A Series stress analysis strain gage sensors in Advanced Sensors Technology.  The C4A series enables for improved simulation and analysis for structure design verification, real-time condition monitoring of critical structures, such as bridges, dams, ships, and wind turbines, as well as medical applications for patient outcome and safety.


Saving time and installation costs, the C4A Series features pre-attached leadwires to eliminate soldering and ensures dependable installations particularly in harsh field conditions.  Other features and benefits of the C4A Series strain gages include: RoHS compliance, lead-free solder, strain gage grid protection with polyimide encapsulation, and direct connection to test instrumentation for faster gage installation.


Ron Zukerman, Sr. Manager of Sales & Marketing for Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors, said: “The C4A series represents an enhancement to our family of strain gages that are already proven as best-in-class in terms of reliability robustness, and repeatability.”  


Built with Advanced Sensors Technology, a revolutionary enhancement in strain gage manufacturing, the C4A Series is manufactured with tighter tolerances and improved gage-to-gage consistency.  Advanced Sensors Technology applies tangible specification and manufacturing process improvements, along with industry-exclusive strain gage sensor design techniques, for direct customer benefit. The innovation behind Advanced Sensors Technology reflects many decades of Micro-Measurements R&D experience, gained across a global portfolio of thousands of successful applications, with other refinements achieved via ongoing customer feedback. 


Visually identical to conventional strain gages, many patterns of the C4A Series can be used as a 1:1 replacement for familiar and commonly-used gages. The C4A Series are available for purchase through the Micro-Measurement online shop:


For more information about the C4A Series and Micro-Measurements other strain gages, as well as technical support, see us at, or follow Micro-Measurements at or on twitter @strain_gage.


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