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Aviation, Military, Space

Micro-Measurements strain gages (gauges) have been a vital part of the aviation, military and space programs for decades. Strain gages have been relied upon to provide precise force measurements and stress analysis for numerous aerospace programs and have flown successful missions from the Earth's atmosphere to the far reaches of outer space.

Micro-Measurements Provides Premiere Aviation, Military, and Space Solutions


Strain gages (gauges) have been used throughout aviation since their invention. In fact, foil strain gauges were a revolution driven directly from a UK aircraft manufacturer. Whether evaluating material properties, performing component or sub-assembly tests, full-scale fatigue, in-flight testing or predictive maintenance, health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS), or even flight-critical systems, we have the products for every application. Harsh environments from deep space (-269°C) to rocket motor testing (+1150°C), long-term installations (25+ years) and high-frequency/energetic tests are possible, supported by our in-house technical expertise and one-stop-shop product range.

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Micro-Measurements strain gages (gauges) have been part of NASA programs for many years, including the space shuttle, space station, unmanned crafts, long-duration deep space missions, and satellites, such as those used for scientific communication, military, optics and imaging applications. Micro-Measurements has long provided solutions for the aviation industry. Detailed strain measurements can be used to understand the subtle influences on structural strength, design, and performance of every piece of the aircraft.
Defense systems rely on strain gage sensors from the research and development stage to field applications. Strain gages are used in a variety of applications including robotic control; submarines; fuel, water and air system analysis; military satellites and their launch systems; proof-of-concept testing; towing parts for sea, land and air; aircraft cargo loading; propulsion systems; armament systems; and missile thrust structure.
Strain gages are used to improve the design of jet engines by providing performance data on proposed jet engine mechanisms. The gages measure the aerodynamic forces and movement of the model, enabling adjustments that optimize engine design.
Strain gages are used for rocket engine thrust tests and fuel control. The strain gage is used to evaluate the performance of the entire pre- to post-assembly process, and determines scope of movement, stress distribution, and cause and impact of structural faults. The use of Micro-Measurements strain gage sensors and DAQ systems has improved the performance of rocket engines and helped identify the root cause of failures.
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