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COTS Program: Guarantees In-Stock Availability for Precision Strain Gages

Micro-Measurements Brings Back COTS (commercial off-the-shelf ) Program; Guarantees In-Stock Availability for Precision Strain Gages.

Providing design engineers and stress analyists with quick access to the right stress analysis strain gage sensor for their testing requirements. The COTS program includes a comprehensive list of in-demand patterns, guaranteed to be in stock for Micro-Measurements’ worldwide network of customers, with off-the-shelf delivery.

In-Demand Strain Gage Patterns


Micro-Measurements’ COTS program adds a new dimension of support for time-critical applications. With a wide range of precision strain gages (gauges) guaranteed in stock, the program reduces lead times to keep design engineers on schedule in meeting tight customer deadlines. Eliminating the need to compromise in testing applications, the program’s  line-up includes a variety of stress analysis patterns, ensuring that the right gage for the best results is always available.


COTS patterns include Micro-Measurements’ most popular precision stress analysis strain gages (gauges), used to meet the most demanding testing requirements in the transportation, infrastructure, and consumer markets. Offered in linear, tee rosette, and rectangular rosette configurations, the general-purpose patterns are available in a wide range of sizes with resistance ranges from 350 Ω.

Gage Series: EA STC:06 Gage Pattern: 062AQ Resistance: 350 Minimum inventory:200 (5/PK)